Ways To Use Your Dog’s DNA Test

Getting a DNA test for your pet dog will give valuable information. The DNA results will show your dog’s health condition. The results from the dog’s DNA test are very useful for the owner, veterinarian, and dog breeders. Here are the ways that the test results are used: 

  • Dog breeders will know which dog will pass on a genetic defect to future offspring. Upon knowing this possibility, the dog breeder can then choose which can produce healthier offspring. 
  • Veterinarians can formulate a treatment plan for a sick dog. 
  • Pet owners will also have enough information about any potential illness their pets may have. They can even prevent any health issue that may arise before these become complicated. 
  • Due to the advancement in technology, there are now test kits that can identify the gene mutation that caused a particular medical problem. The information on gene mutation can also help understand future health issues. 

If you have any concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, make an appointment with your animal hospital Ashburn, VA. 


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