Tips To Make Life Easier For Your Arthritic Dog

If your pet dog suffers from pain due to arthritis, he can be living a despondent life. Arthritis causes loss of flexibility and extreme pain that prevents your pet from engaging in and enjoying his daily activities. It is fortunate that there are methods you can employ to make life comfortable for your pet:

●Canine Massages

○Frequent massages can help in stress reduction, managing blood pressure, easing sore muscles, and promoting blood circulation. These massage sessions can also become ideal opportunities for you to connect with your dog, while also giving you the chance to check him for lumps, bumps, and various other irregularities.


○There is also acupuncture for veterinary applications that stimulate the body to release natural pain suppressants and anti-inflammatory substances.

●Heating Pads

○Aches and pains can be relieved with pats that have heating elements. These pads can also stimulate acupuncture points at the same time promoting muscle relaxation.

●Comfortable Bedding

○Doggie beds designed for dogs that have arthritis are readily available for purchase in pet supply stores. Beds like these are specially constructed to allow pet dogs to be able to get on and off the bedding easily. The padding is also specially designed for more support and comfort.

Check with your pet clinic Gresham OR for any questions and/or concerns regarding your pet’s well being and health.


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