Free-Feeding Can Increase Your Dog’s Risk For Obesity

Owners who seem to have dogs that have a fussy appetite tend to “free-feed” their pets. Free-feeding means that food is left out for the entire day so that the pet might eat at any time he would like to. This, however, can just raise the pet’s risk of eating a lot more than he needs. This will eventually cause the animal to gain excess weight. Dog owners must know how much exercise and food their dog requires daily to keep within healthy and normal limits.

More than fifty percent of the dog population is obese or overweight, and the number still rises. The main predisposing factors are increased calorie consumption and the absence of physical activities. Also, much like humans, excess weight can increase the animal’s risk of developing different medical issues, most of which could be fatal.

One other incorrect idea that most dog owners have regarding the free-feeding practice is that it prevents their pets from counter surfing, begging, and having to scavenge through the garbage. However, this is not necessarily true. Behaviors like these are issues that have to be individually addressed.

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