Alopecia in Rabbits

Alopecia is a medical term for unusual hair or fur loss. In rabbits, alopecia is a common disorder. Alopecia causes may vary, such as parasitic infection (fleas, lice, and mites), ringworm, dermatitis, tumor, or nutritional deficiency. Stress and medical conditions, such as arthritis and pregnancy, cause rabbits to pull their fur. Alopecia is also a result of a behavioral disorder called barbering, in which a dominant rabbit pulls the hair of a submissive rabbit. Barbering can be self-induced, especially when a rabbit is bored. Some alopecia symptoms to watch out for are rashes, redness, bald patches, itchiness, scaly skin, lesions, and foul odor. A visit to the veterinarian is necessary for the specific treatment depending on the underlying cause of alopecia. In the case of barbering, pet owners should separate rabbits from each other to avoid fur pulling. A well-balanced diet, clean surroundings, exercise and regular checkup with a veterinarian Virginia Beach, VA are also essential in preventing alopecia. Click here to learn more.


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