Does Your Pet Drink From The Toilet ?

Toilet water is very harmful to your pet’s health. The toilet contains lots of bacteria that can cause your pet to get ill. It is also highly possible that the toilet bowl has residues from cleaning chemicals, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting. If your pet keeps coming back to the bathroom to drink toilet water, it may be because your pet does not have access to clean drinking water. It could also be that your pet finds toilet water refreshing, no matter disgusting it is to us, humans. So, how do you keep your pet from drinking toilet water? Simple. Put down the lid of the toilet bowl after use or close the bathroom door all the time. Water is beneficial to pet’s health, and it is essential to keep pets hydrated. So, always provide water in a clean container placed at multiple accessible locations inside the house.

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should warrant a visit to your veterinary clinic London, ON.


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