Concerns Of A Hairless Cat

Hairlessness in cats is a rare genetic trait. Some pet owners like this breed for its unique look. But of course, this appearance has corresponding environmental issues. Here are some issues that might interest you as a potential pet owner:

  • Hairless cats need to keep a normal body temperature.
  • They have a high metabolic rate to remain warm
  • They need more food than an average cat because they can consume it faster.
  • Hairless cats need quality pet food that will provide the cat's needed energy.
  • They need to stay indoors during extreme weather, for protection.
  • When it's hot, hairless cats can quickly get a sunburn.
  • When it's cold, hairless cats can freeze easily.
  • They can quickly get insect bites.
  • They have a lot of health issues.

Hairless cats have to deal with plenty of health issues because of their genetic trait. They will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your animal hospital London, ON. Check out their website to know more about their services.


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