Disadvantages of Using Retractable Leashes on Pet Dogs

Retractable leashes have gained popularity nowadays because they are widely available. The cord of a retractable leash extends to more than 20 feet. As such, retractable leashes gain attraction as they give pet dogs the extra freedom to roam while pet owners still gain control over their pets. However, experts warn of the harmful effects of using retractable leashes. While retractable leashes allow dogs to roam and explore their surroundings, they do not allow owners to monitor their pets carefully. Using a retractable leash exposes a dog to potential risks as it stays farther away from its owner. The cord is thin and can break easily, making it even tricky for pet owners to protect and control their pets. The cable also poses the risk of a dog getting tangled, resulting in pain and injury. Lastly, retractable leashes tend to malfunction, which makes them unsafe and unreliable to use when outdoors. 

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