Ways To Prevent Tooth Stains

If there is one thing that everybody wants, it's a clean, white smile. A great smile not only vastly improves your appearance, it's also great for your self-esteem. However, even if your smile is perfect, you'll still need to take steps to preserve it. Keeping up with dental appointments is key here, but there are also things you can do at home. 

Try to avoid foods and beverages that cause heavy staining, such as wine, coffee, and tea. Cigarettes also cause staining. If you do partake in these things, be sure to rinse with water after. You'll also need to brush your teeth a bit more. The general rule of thumb here is to brush two times a day, for two minutes a time. You should also floss and use mouthwash daily. 

If you do notice staining, ask your dentist about whitening products and treatments. These can make a huge difference! 

Finally, be sure to schedule regular appointments with your dental hospital Midtown Miami, FL.


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