Pet Hedgehogs And The Health Problems That Can Affect Them

Even though pet hedgehogs are provided with the proper diet and nutrition and appropriate conditions of living, the possibility of pet hedgehogs still develops illnesses and health issues are still present.  Below are some of the usual medical issues that can affect pet hedgehogs:

● Bloat

When hedgehogs eat specific kinds of vegetables like cabbage and related kinds, they tend to get gas.  This gas accumulates in the animal’s bowels making them seem like they are swollen.  There are cases that get resolved by themselves, but some will require veterinary assistance.

● Respiratory issues

If your pet’s enclosure is not regularly cleaned, then high ammonia levels can accumulate, damage your pet’s lungs eventually causing pneumonia.

●Gastrointestinal system obstructions

There could be times when a pet hedgehog eats something that might get stuck inside its gut.  Usually, these are objects that cannot be digested, like kitty litter.

● Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome

There is this nervous system degeneration that can make hedgehogs impair their balance sense.  The illness seems to be hereditary and around ten percent of pet hedgehogs are affected.  It is unfortunate that no cure yet exists for the problem.

Abrupt changes that you observe in hedgehog’s behavior and/or health should require a visit to your veterinarians Ellicott City MD


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