Which Bone Is Safe For Dogs?

Pet owners love to give bones so that their dogs have something to play with. However, real bones are really risky for dogs.  Here are some reasons why natural bones can harm a dog:

Chicken bones tear easily. The sharp edge from the broken bone can cut the gastrointestinal tract

Beef bones do not break easily. But since it is enormous, the dog might choke on it when he attempts to swallow the bone.

Bone marrow has a high-fat content. Its content is why it’s tasty for dogs. But too much fat in the diet may lead to pancreatitis.

Eating bones can injure the dog.

Rib bones can get trapped in the roof of the dog's mouth.

Knuckle bones can get stuck in the dog's lower jaw.

A safer alternative is artificial bone. It is specially made for dogs and has chicken and vegetables for ingredients.  If your dog has accidentally swallowed a bone, call your animal hospital Salem, VA to get instructions on how to remove it or if there is a need to bring your pet in. Read more here.


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