Cat Shelves and Cat Walks

Cats typically spend a good portion of their day on top of vertical spaces. You can provide a vertical space through cat shelves and catwalks.

You can buy cat shelves in stores, especially the prefabricated ones that can be easily attached to the wall. If you are a handyman, you can even create your design. Just make sure that these perching spots are placed higher to serve as the cat's elevated spot. These should also be strong and durable so that they will not break when the cat climbs daily.

The perching spot can also be placed near a window. Your cat will surely enjoy staying there because she can see what’s happening outside such as birds, people, and cars. All these scenes will surely stimulate your cat’s mind. She will also get her daily dose of sunlight. 

Ask your vet Washington DC for more advice regarding your cat’s needs and other concerns. More tips can be found at your Brentwood Animal Hospital.


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