Choosing the Right Crate Size for Your Puppy

Crates help keep a puppy safe and secure while inside the house or when traveling. There are several crate options available in the market made of materials such as plastic or metal wires. However, one crucial consideration in choosing the perfect crate is the size. A crate that is too small will make your puppy uncomfortable as there is not enough space to move around. On the other hand, a crate that is too big will allow your puppy to use the extra space as its bathroom. Also, a crate with too much space does not offer a sense of security to your puppy. Ideally, the crate should allow the puppy to move around without hitting its head when it stands and with enough room to stretch. Consider as well how big your puppy will grow when it becomes an adult. There are crates with adjustable panels designed for long-term use.

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