Why Cats Sneeze

Sneezing is quite common among dogs and cats. A sneeze happens when the animal’s airway is irritated or ticked by something. This “tickling” sensation will frequently result in a sneeze, and if it happens every now and then with your cat, it is perfectly fine. If the sneezes come at an unusually high frequency, like perhaps several times all in a row and it happens quite a few times in a day daily, then this is not at all normal. Contact your veterinarian and schedule an appointment should your cat’s sneezes come constantly. A lot of cats, however, just sneeze because of an allergic reaction to something environmental. Like perhaps dust mites, pollen, or home cleaning items and the irritating residue they leave behind. Cockroaches or mice can also leave a trail of irritating substances. Be sure to check with your veterinarian St. Augustine, regarding your cat’s sneezing and set an appointment for a checkup. Or click this website MuraBella Animal Hospital for more details.


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