Gingivitis In Pet Cats

Pet cats can also have gingivitis. If a person does not floss or even brush regularly, they have a tendency to develop dental issues like gingivitis. This is true even for cats. Yes, cats do not require flossing, but your pet cat will need toothbrushing or at least wiped down using dental wipes routinely. Regular tooth brushing can aid in preventing food buildup on your pet’s teeth which is the cause of plaque and tartar deposits, eventually leading up to gingivitis. This gum-related issue can become a stepping stone for periodontal disease in cats. Gingivitis can gradually appear along with irritation and inflammation of the mouth and gums as well as really bad breath. Severe foul breath like this is known as halitosis. Severe instances of gingivitis could require that a professional perform dental cleaning and maybe even tooth removal. Talk to your vet St. Augustine, FL for additional information regarding feline dental health.


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