Is Your Horse Too Hot in His Blanket ?

Horse blanketing depends primarily on the rise and fall of the temperatures outside. For instance, if the temperatures begin to fall outside you may be wondering if it’s time to start blanketing your horse. A good rule of thumb for determining whether or not your horse needs a blanket is to check his coat and his ears. If you feel your horse’s ears and they are cold then he may need a blanket. If your horse already has a blanket on and you’re concerned that he might be too warm, check his ears. If his ears are warm then you know he doesn’t need another blanket. But does that mean he’s content? Not necessarily. After checking the ears, place your hand under the blanket on your horse’s chest and back. If he’s at all moist or sweaty then he’s too hot and the blanket should be removed. If he’s nice and warm, but not sweaty, then he’s probably fine. Always call your local animal hospital Wichita KS if you’re not sure.


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