Feeding Puppies Like the Golden Retriever During Weaning

If you find yourself caring for a litter of puppies like Golden Retriever puppies then you may be asking yourself when to start the weaning process. Your vet can tell you that weaning can be stressful, but if you know what to do and when to do it ahead of time then it can go a lot smoother. For instance, one thing you need to know is what you should be feeding the Golden puppies during weaning. Separation time not only helps the puppies get used to their mother’s absence, but it also helps them grow less dependent on their mother’s milk. In lieu of milk, you should be feeding the Golden Retriever pups the same high quality puppy chow that they will be eating their entire first year of growth. Ask your pet clinic Derby about moistening the food with warm water to make it more appealing and easier to chew.


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