How Arthritis In Cats Is Addressed By Veterinarians

Pet cats that have arthritis will be suffering from discomfort and pain as well as having limited mobility. It is unfortunate that arthritis is related to age therefore most cats develop the illness as they approach their golden years. Medicating your arthritic cat does not have many options. Should arthritis affect your pet’s hip joint, then the vet may opt for surgery to completely remove the joint. When removed, the animal’s body will gradually compensate to form the false joint. Medication could be also prescribed by the vet. Among these drugs could be anti-inflammation, steroids, and analgesics to combat the pain and swelling. Steroids are only a temporary fix because using them for long periods tends to have unwanted side effects. Ask your vet Newmarket, ON regarding pet-friendly joint supplements like chondroitin, Cosequin, MSM, and glucosamine. Click on this link for more information.


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