Care Tips For Older Cattle

Special needs and/or elderly cattle need to be kept separate from younger cattle to avoid competition for living space and food.  Elderly cattle can be going through different health issues brought about by age such as dental issues, weight loss, or arthritis.  If some of your cattle have no teeth or have bad teeth, then they will require a specialized diet, like mash that is made up of chopped hay and grain.  A diet like this is also good for individuals that are having trouble keeping on weight.  Elderly cattle will need close monitoring.  When you separate an elderly cattle from the herd, the recommendation is to include with that separated animal a herd fellow, ideally one that they have formed a bond with.  A cattle’s sense of belongingness to its herd can be strong, so depression may result if it is total separation from the others.

If any of your cattle seems to show signs of health issues, contact your vet clinic Westminster, MD. Click on this link to know more.


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