Signs of Arthritis In Dogs

Since arthritis is fairly common in dogs especially those in their senior years, pet owners should learn to recognize early symptoms so the right interventions can be performed immediately. One of the early signs of joint disease is lameness. If you observe your dog limping, try checking his paws for any sign of injury. In most cases, the onset of arthritis is gradual and for observant pet owners, they can easily spot subtle signs their dog is slowing down.  A once playful and high-spirited dog may start sleeping longer than usual and start avoiding activities that involve jumping or running around. The dog may also start avoiding the stairs because going up or down can be taxing on his painful and stiff joints. He may also stop being eager to go outdoors for your regular walks and excursions.  Dogs with inflamed joints also have difficulty in getting up or lying down. They may also yelp or cry out in pain when inflamed joints are touched or they assume certain postures that can induce pain. 

If you notice any sign of arthritis or any mobility problem, make an appointment with your Frisco, TX veterinary clinic sooner rather than later.


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