Have The Right Grooming Tools For Your Pets

If you have the right tools, and you know how to use them properly, then you will have an easier time when grooming your dog. There are different grooming tools that you can use, and these have different purposes. Let us get to know these tools:

● Slicker brush – has a thin wire that can remove small hair matting. It can be used regularly for pets with long hair coats.

● Rake comb (or undercoat rake) – can remove dead hairs before they fall. This is suited for long-haired dogs, large dog breeds, and dogs with coarse hair coats.

● Matt comb – is best suited for dogs with matted hair. This can be used to brush matted hair without destroying the haircoat. This brush is easy to hold. The teeth can be re-sharpened.

● Matt splitter – this is effective in removing matted hair. It splits the hair into smaller sections so the groomer can easily brush the hair. 

Any sign of skin and/or hair coat problem displayed by your pet should require an appointment with your veterinary clinic Louisville, KY. 


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