Painful Joints In Senior Dogs

Joint issues in pet dogs are primarily age-related illnesses as the protective cartilage of joint surfaces get worn down over time. Unfortunately, the deterioration is not reversible. There is good news, though, because there are methods to minimize the effects of canine joint issues related to age. The main entry on the list is maintaining your pet’s ideal healthy weight. If your pet is obese or overweight, the additional pounds can exert undue strain on the body’s weight-bearing joints. The stress is more in larger dog breeds, especially ones that are genetically predisposed to develop joint and bone problems like hip dysplasia. Prescription diets can also be recommended to your arthritic pet by your vet. Ask about supplements for joints like chondroitin and glucosamine. Regularly taking your pet to your veterinary hospital Louisville, KY for wellness checkups are also essential opportunities for you and your vet to detect health problems early on. Early detection of joint disease and having familiarity with the symptoms of arthritis in your pet dogs can be really important in making sure the issue is addressed as early as you can. Visit their website to know about their services. 


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