How to Register Your Purebred Feline with the CFA

Did you know that you can register your purebred Birman or other purebred feline with the local or international registry through the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)? Local chapter representatives can help you decide if you want to register with the CFA or even recommend another association that your cat may fall into. You may also need to join as a CFA member. After you join, you can then register your cat. Registration will most likely require specific documentation that your vet may be able to provide. The CFA registry requires you to submit an application that includes information from a blue or yellow slip that you should have received from your breeder or through the vet if you adopted through his office. Blue slips require for you to pay application fees. Yellow slips indicate the breeder has paid for registration. Applications can be submitted online. Ask your vet Middletown, DE for help with paperwork regarding breed if needed. Read more here.


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