Persistent Scratching In Dogs Could Be Caused By Allergies To Fleas

The best preventive measure against flea allergen dermatitis is protecting your dog from a flea infestation from the get-go.  Therefore, pet owners need to have an all-year-round flea prevention regimen that will make sure of ample protection against fleas, not just at peak flea seasons.  The regimen must implement strict environmental control and also have a flea medication component.  The more time your dog spends outside, the more vulnerable he is to a flea infestation.

There are cases of allergy dermatitis caused by fleas that are alleviated with techniques of desensitization.  These techniques involve the use of incremental dosage increases of diluted antigens of fleas and they last considerably long.  There are dogs as well who may need injections all their lives.

Corticosteroids are a kind of medication sometimes administered to provide symptom relief.  But this drug should not be administered without a veterinarian’s recommendation due to the side effects.  Using these long-term can result in more harm over good.  Steroids are only administered as temporary short-term fixes while actual flea control and management are being implemented.  The best treatment program against fleas for dogs is combining antihistamine and corticosteroid medications along with essential fatty acid supplements.

Considering the possible adverse effects of using steroids and other medications on pets, it is highly recommended that you visit your vet clinic  Scottsdale, AZ for more information. Visit this site to know more.


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