Why Cats Like To Bask In The Sun

A cat's genetics may explain why cats bask in the sun. A domestic cat's genetics goes back to wild populations in the Middle East. It’s pretty hot in that region. This is one reason cats like warmth because they are desert animals. They lose heat because of their traits to live in hot climates. Another reason why cats like to bask in the sun is because of their high protein diet. A cat's environment is a little chillier than its native climate. So, basking in the sun might be helping your four legged friend conserve energy. Also when a cat goes to sleep, its body temperature drops. Because of this, your cat might prepare for a nap where there is plenty of sunshine. Most cats won’t miss the chance to lounge in a sunbeam, but keep in mind that they can overheat. To learn more visit Vet Clinic Roanoke, VA


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