When's The Best Time To Offer A Bone To Your Puppy

You might have noticed how a dog loves a good bone. The thing is, not all bones are good for the dog. Your dog could be harmed if the dog he is chewing breaks and leaves a splinter in his stomach.

On the other hand, puppies are not yet ready to have a bone. They must be of the right age to be allowed to chew on a bone. For one, their jaw structure is not strong enough to hold on to the bone or even chew on it. Second, a puppy’s teeth are still soft so he should be given soft treats to chew. Choose treats that are specially formulated for puppies.

You should ask your vet Bloomington, CA if the dog treats you plan to give are safe. Once you have gotten the vet's approval, choose products that are soft and easy to chew. Some products are formulated for puppies.


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