Health Issues Of Belgian Malinois

If you know about the Belgian Malinois dog breed, you know that the name is said like “Mal-En-Waw” and that they are sometimes just called Mal. The breed can trace its roots back to the 1800s where they were working as sheepdogs. They have since become working dogs due to their intelligence and extreme work attitude, as well as their excellent abilities when protecting not only livestock but humans as well. Sometimes Belgian Malinois can get confused with German Shepherds, which are close relatives. There are, however, marked differences in their appearance. Regarding health, the Malinois has a lifespan between 10 and 12 years. They tend to develop elbow and hip dysplasia. As dogs of this breed age, they can eventually develop eye issues. Those are the most concerning health issues of a Belgian Malinois. If intended to be kept as a family pet, then the owner or the entire family must be devoted enough to ensure an extreme training regimen. This breed is ideal if you want a big guard dog for protection. For more information, talk to your vet Rialto, CA.


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