Less-Known Information About Akitas

The dog breed known as the Akita can be a good companion for families that want only one pet dog or dog owners that have lots of experience.  The Akita is very territorial, possessive, and protective, therefore dogs of this breed are ideal for smaller-sized families and single individuals, but less recommended for families with young children.  Akita dogs need lessons on socialization as well as consistent training starting from when they are puppies and on to adulthood.  Akitas are very loyal and responsive but will need the trainer or owner to be strict in reminding the dog of what his place is within the family or pack.  Akitas are closely tied to wolves, making them lean more to their wilder side, and needs to be managed from puppyhood to keep that aspect under tight control.  Akitas are very beautiful and can become very loyal once settled in with their human.  But the Akita is not a very popular family dog breed.  Before purchasing or adopting an Akita, make sure that you consult with your vet clinic Columbia MD to get an idea of what to expect of this breed and what are its needs.


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