Giving Your Cat Treats

Does your cat enjoy treats? If you were about to answer 'No' you may just want to try a few different things. Kitties can be finicky, but most of them do have some favorites.

If you've tried various store-bought treats, only to have your pet turn her cute little nose up, try going with a higher-quality brand. Look for something with limited ingredients. Meat, fish, and/or poultry should be the main things listed.

You can also give your kitty cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry, as long as you've removed the skin, bones, and fat. Cats also sometimes enjoy a little deli meat, or a can of plain tuna or deboned salmon.

Some cats will go for human goodies, like cakes and doughnuts. It's best not to let your pet indulge in these: they contain a lot of sugar and fat, which aren't great for pets.

Ask your animal hospital Marietta, GA for more information on choosing suitable treats for your feline friend.


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