Making Your Home Safe for Your Cat

Your cat is a curious creature. She will explore her environment by sniffing, touching and chewing objects. Examine your home from your cat’s point of view and mitigate any situations that could be dangerous to her. She could get tangled in strings, ribbons and yarn. She could swallow small game parts, coins or other small items and choke. Store all these items safely after use. Secure all animal and human medicines since they can be deadly to your cat. Lock up household chemicals. Sweet-tasting chemicals such as anti-freeze are particularly dangerous and highly poisonous. Fasten electrical cords and dangling window blind and curtain cords. Research the toxicity of all houseplants or flowers in the house so your cat will probably nibble them. Provide plenty of cat-safe toys to keep your cat busy. Schedule regular exercise sessions to make her less likely to get into trouble. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Norwalk, CA.


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