Does Your Dog Dig In His Water Dish?

Staying hydrated is one of your pet dog’s needs in order to maintain his health. But how come he would sometimes dig into his water bowl instead of just simply taking a drink out of it?

Your dog might have enough water for him to drink, but when he tries to have a proper view at the very bottom of his water bowl, he may end up spilling the contents. Your pet could be doing such digging because he is seeing himself reflected on the water, thinking there must be another dog at the very bottom of the dish, trying to make sense of this, so he may be attempting to get rid of the water to get a closer look and investigate. Another reason might be that your pet likes how the water feels on his paws, and feels like this is a fun way of passing the time. Your dog is a playful type who likes the fun of splashing water stimulating him.

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