Cat Vocalization

Cats communicate their message via sounds. You will be surprised to know that your pet cat can produce several kinds of sounds; each has its meaning. Certain cat breeds are more chatty than others, such as the Siamese, Burmese, Sphynx, and Oriental Shorthair. Cats vocalize when they feel happy, excited, frustrated, upset, hungry, or in pain. The most common cat sound is meow. The longer the meow, the stronger the emotion, while a very high-pitched meow can convey that a cat needs help. Cats purr when they either feel pain or pleasure and howl when they feel threatened. Cats also moan to attract another cat of the opposite sex for mating. To decipher what your cat is communicating and determine its mood, observe its body language while it vocalizes. If you find your cat vocalizing excessively, there could be underlying medical or behavioral reasons, which you need to consult with your vet Murrieta CA for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 


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