Treating Burns in Cats Like American Curls

If you own a cat like the American Curl, try to make it a habit to check your cat’s paws to make sure they are clean and free of debris, scratches, and blisters. Take note of where you walk your cat or where you allow your cat to roam to make sure it’s safe for your cat’s feet. Freshly paved streets or newly cleaned cabinet tops can burn your American Curl’s paws due to the chemicals that are used. If you’ve seen your cat’s paws and believe they may be blistered or burned then call your vet to schedule an appointment. Key things to look for on the paws are blisters, overly thick skin and even bleeding from the paws. If your cat is limping or refusing to walk this could be a sign of pain from a possible burn on the paws. Consult with your vets Frisco TX to learn more.


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