What Is The Ideal Weight Of Himalayan Cavies?

Should your pet Himalayan cavy be leaning more on the heavy side, then perhaps it is best to take your pet to the animal clinic for a wellness check-up. A veterinarian will know how to determine when a cavy is obese or overweight. To maintain your pet Himalayan guinea pig in its ideal weight, ensure that the proper food is offered in the correct amounts. The vet can tell you more about feeding as well. Getting a lot of exercises will help as well. Interaction with your pet in a secure area that is outside of its enclosure is a good exercise method, not to mention also strengthening your bond with your pet. Offering your cavy-appropriate playthings in the enclosure will also be beneficial for the animal to get some motivation for exercise. Much like cats, dogs, and various other animal companions, guinea pigs also need regular exercise. Check with your veterinarian Dahlonega, GA regarding dietary and exercise requirements for your pet cavy.


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