Pool Water and Cats Like the Ragdoll

If you’ve noticed your Ragdoll or other cat hanging around your pool or the neighbor’s pool then you may be wondering if your cat will try to drink the pool water. Some cats will, in fact, venture to the edge and take a sip. Your vet will most likely tell you that your Ragdoll’s tendency to drink from the pool is not such a good idea. Pool water often contains high levels of chlorine and other chemicals that could potentially make your Ragdoll cat sick. If your cat drinks a lot of pool water or accidentally falls in and swallows a great deal of water, call your vet to find out if you need to take any immediate action. Well maintained pools usually have relatively safe levels of chemicals that will not affect your Ragdoll. Excessively large amounts of pool water would cause harm. Learn more from your vet clinic Plano TX.


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