Phobia in Dogs

Similar to humans, dogs can also develop fear and phobia. Fear of sound is a common phobia in dogs, particularly thunderstorms, music, gunshot, and firecrackers. Some dogs also are afraid of strangers or specific people. Dogs can associate past negative experiences with a particular person or event, expected in pets living with abusive pet owners. Dogs can also relate fear with a person who did not cause the anxiety, for instance, a passerby who is in the same place when the dog had an injury. Lack of socialization at an early age can also make a dog fearful. Socialization allows exposure of a dog to various situations, helps build up confidence, and avoids fear development. A veterinarian visit is necessary to rule out the possible fear triggers in dealing with a fearful dog. Your vet Lewisville, TX may recommend the dog to undergo behavior modification training with a professional or take anxiety medications to manage the phobia. To know more, click this link:


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