Signs That Your Pet Bird Could Be Under A Lot Of Stress

Birds are very sensitive animals, more so than what would most people assume.  As opposed to pet cats and dogs, pet birds are not able to handle environmental stressors well.  Important indicators of stress might be manifested by your pet bird, and the ability to correctly identify them is going to aid you, as its keeper, to properly control the situation as soon as possible.

Important stress indicators in pet birds:

●Their feathers have stress bars.

Stress bars are horizontal small lines found along feather shafts.  When stress bars appear, it commonly indicates that the bird is stressed out.

●Birds begin displaying aggressive behavior.

Birds that are under a lot of stress could bite, lunge, hiss, or perhaps excessively scream.

●Birds begin displaying fearful behavior.

The pet bird may all of a sudden show fear when faced with its keeper, will not tolerate handling.

●Birds begin displaying destructive behavior.

When under undue stress, it can trigger a pet bird to exhibit destructive behavior.  This is most often observed if the animal is not getting regular ample mental and physical motivation.

A sudden change in your pet’s health and/or behavior should prompt a visit to your vet clinic Fayetteville, NC.


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