Tried And Tested Ways To Get Your Pooch To Eat

Some dogs develop bad eating habits because of their humans. When dogs develop a taste for people food, or table scraps, they might not want to eat dog food because it tastes bland. Extra food in between meals can cause loss of appetite, too. To make sure that your dog will eat at the right time, try these steps:

  • Make a mealtime schedule and follow it
  • Encourage your dog to eat praising him
  • Remove leftover food that is not consumed after 30 minutes. don’t give any other food until the next mealtime
  • Choose pet foods with "taste" or "flavor" on the label. These are scientifically formulated to be appealing to the dog's taste buds
  • Try switching to wet dog food since most dogs prefer this type
  • Refrain from giving people food since it affects their taste buds
  • If your pet dog still refuses to eat, it might be a good time to bring him to the vet. 

A sudden change in your pet’s appetite and/or eating habits should prompt a visit to your veterinary clinic Castle Hills TX


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