Is Novel Protein Good For Your Cat ?

Cats have known carnivores. Their meal typically consists of animal protein such as whitefish, chicken, or turkey. However, if they eat the same kind of protein every day, they might develop allergic reactions to it. Novel protein is useful because it is a new protein that your pet cat hasn’t eaten before. This is useful because your cat needs protein in her diet.   You can try protein sources from venison, sardines, salmon, or trout so that your cat will taste something new. The novel protein can be found on high-quality cat food that is labeled as " limited ingredient, grain-free, natural, or for sensitive stomachs."  Always make it a habit to check the label when you are choosing cat food. You want to be sure that you are not giving any food that will cause allergic reactions to your pet. Do your research well so that your cat food will not go to waste. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s diet and/or nutrition, contact your vet clinic San Antonio, TX


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