Why Your Cat Is Not Safe Outdoors

Cats that are allowed to spend time outdoors can wander and stray far from the home. Without their owners, they can be exposed to a lot of risks. This is why outdoor cats tend to have shorter longevity than indoor-only cats. Some of the risks that these cats are exposed to include the following:

● Antifreeze, poisons, and other potentially toxic substances 

● Bigger animals who can easily hurt them

● Other pets who might have parasites or diseases

● Vehicles

● Traps

Cats are territorial creatures. They don’t, however, require a big living space. For cats, the living room or a scratching post can simply be their territory. If your cat is used to spending time outdoors, the transition to being an indoor-only cat can take some time and effort. Even if your cat seems to beg to go outdoors, consistency and patience on your part will eventually yield desired results. If your cat spends a lot of time near the door, try spraying a little from a bottle spray, and until your cat adjusts, block the window views if your pet cries just to be outside.

Make sure that your pet’s preventatives and vaccinations are up to date. Check with your vet New Orleans, LA. Visit the website.


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