Seamless Switching Of Puppies From Canned Food To Kibble

Most puppies do not have any issues when their diets are switched to dry kibble from the canned pet food. However, there are still some puppies where this transition can pose certain problems. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind to make the transition go smoother:

● Introducing a new type of pet food has to be in a gradual manner. This is probably the best method to ease your puppy’s transition to the new diet type. You can start with a mix of one-quarter of the new diet with three-quarters old diet. Then you can slowly adjust the proportions throughout the next three to five days, slowly reducing the old diet, while increasing the new diet. This is done until 100 percent of the offered food is the new diet. Be aware though, that there are some puppies that would still prefer the old type of food, or perhaps even refuse to eat the new pet food altogether.

● Since pet food that has sat for quite some time untouched may have less appeal to your pet, first try offering a small amount, then, after half an hour, remove it. Avoid offering anything else, but do offer fresh new food every four or five hours. During this transitory period, also avoid giving table scraps or treats to your pet. Your pet may beg but do not give in because it will only reinforce his behavior of refusing to eat the new meal type, thus making the switch more challenging.

Do consult your animal hospital New Orleans LA before making any changes to your pet’s diet. 


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