What Are Typical Causes of Gingivitis in Dogs Like the Basset?

Gingivitis in itself is a symptom of a greater health disease known as periodontal disease. Gingivitis can cause inflammation and irritation to the gums. Bad breath has also been noted as an early and more obvious sign of the disease. Several factors can contribute to the development of gingivitis with one of the main causes being food or plaque build-up. Some believe gingivitis to be a sign of bad oral hygiene; however, the disease can occur for other reasons including old age, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, breathing through the mouth, bad chewing habits, uremia, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. All of these factors can trigger plaque build-up, which is a leading cause of gingivitis. You can help your Basset fight gingivitis by brushing his teeth regularly. If your Basset or other canine companion has a symptom, please call your veterinarians Fredericksburg, TX to schedule a dental and health checkup. 


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