Cats and Secondhand Smoke

The dangers of secondhand smoke to people are well known but this hazard is even more serious to cats. Your cat stays inside your home at all times so she shares it with a smoker, she is exposed to smoke hazards all day, every day. Toxins will also settle on all surfaces in your home so your cat will absorb them through contact whenever she walks on these surfaces. Your cat will also ingest these toxins whenever she grooms herself. This exposure can lead to respiratory issues or even some cancers. The best thing for your cat is to make your home smoke-free. Otherwise, open the windows and air out your home often. Clean all surfaces well and often. Empty ashtrays frequently so you cat doesn’t play with the butts or get into the ashes. Seek medical attention if your cat develops any respiratory issues. For more information, contact your vet Miramar West, FL. Visit this link for additional details:


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