Things To Lookout For When Sharing People Food With Your Pet Dog

Sharing table scraps or people food to your pet dog may be something you and many other pet owners do,  However, it has been noted that this practice is not really recommended, but with moderation, it is still possible to keep your dog’s nutrition in check with your pet’s normal food.

Human food must not be the main component of your dog’s diet due to the reasons below:

Most people food is very high in fat content.  Some types of table food you must not feed to your dog are meat gravy, pate, poultry skin, bacon, and beef trimmings.  Eating food with high-fat content can make a dog more prone to pancreatitis.  It might be safer if you just offer only a small piece of the above-mentioned food types provided your dog is not currently suffering from any underlying medical issue.

Most sources of carbohydrates have high levels of easily digestible energy.  Therefore, rice, pasta, and most other carbohydrate-laden food scraps must not be offered to pets that are suffering from diabetes.  The difference between a platter of pancakes covered with syrup and that last piece of toast is very big if offered to your dog.

Check with the professional vet clinic Virginia Beach VA for dietary advice, especially when your dog has any distinct changes in his health.


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