How To Avoid Constipation In Cats

There are a few ways with which you can help your cat to avoid being constipated. Follow these recommendations so that your cat will feel comfortable and constipation-free:

Give your cat a balanced meal. This also includes providing access to fresh water all the time. Consuming wet food will ensure that your cat is always hydrated. More importantly, help your cat maintain her ideal weight by getting enough exercise. 

Make sure that your cat doesn't have chronic kidney disease because this might lead to constipation. Once your cat develops the disease, you must manage it. Bring your cat for regular check-ups and follow the recommendations from the vet.

Finally, when you notice that your cat is constipated, you must bring her to your professional veterinarian Chesapeake VA within 24 hours. This is essential especially if the cat is vomiting, looks uncomfortable, or has become lethargic. By getting prompt medical attention, you can provide relief to your cat's constipation before it gets serious.


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