Why Chewing Plastic Objects Is Not Good For Your Cat

While some items made of plastic are not harmful to your cat, numerous items can pose a danger to them. Common examples are plastic items that are tiny enough to fit inside a cat’s mouth. When the object may be swallowed intentionally or accidentally, it could cause choking or become lodged in any part of the digestive tract and possibly obstruct the gastrointestinal passage, thus preventing the passage of food and/or water. Swallowed items may also tear or puncture the body’s vital organs, especially if they have sharp corners or edges. 

When choosing toys for your cat, make sure they are cat-safe and big enough to prevent ingestion. When a plastic object is ingested by your cat, you should bring her to the nearest animal hospital immediately. After a thorough examination, your vet may induce vomiting. But in some cases, endoscopy or surgery may be required to remove the item. 

Call your animal hospital Pasadena, MD if you think or saw your pet has swallowed an object so you will be instructed what to do. 


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