Does My Pregnant Beagle Need Prenatal Vitamins?

If you have a pregnant canine like the Beagle or you plan to breed your female Beagle then you’ll want to plan for your pup to be under the constant care of your local vet. Your Beagle will need routine visits to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your vet will also be able to monitor your Beagle’s health and prescribe any pre-natal vitamins or supplements if they are needed. In most cases, pregnant canines just need extra care and routine vet visits. Vitamins or special diets are not usually required. What you can do is make sure your Beagle is comfortable, resting, and drinking plenty of water. Assist her in getting on and off furniture as well. You may even want to ask your vet about increasing her food because of the extra ones she is now carrying. Consult with your veterinarian Spring Hill, TN for additional information and tips.


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