Can Cats And Chinchillas Get Along?

Under certain instances, chinchillas and cats can harmoniously live in the same household. But it’s best to observe your cat’s personality carefully first before purchasing a chinchilla. Ideally, chinchillas can be great housemates with cats having mellow personalities.

However, cats may interpret chinchillas as possible prey if they harbor strong hunting instincts. An eager cat can still terrorize your pet chinchilla by just staring at it or by reaching for the chinchillas through the cage’s bars.

Cats with mellow personalities might not even give your chinchilla further attention. Your cat’s personality can help your pet chinchilla get used to cats without being highly stressed, anxious, and afraid. 

Strict supervision is needed if you’re going to bring home a new pet chinchilla. Observe your cat’s reactions at all times by always keeping an eye on him.

Your pets will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your vet clinic Burlington, ON.


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