Clay Clumping Litter For Cats

There are different types of kitty litter made of varying materials commercially available, and the clay substrate still seems to be one of the top options. The clumping kitty litter is one such clay type of litter. The main component of clumping litter is called bentonite. Bentonite has some really good absorbency properties. When bentonite gets into contact with anything liquid, for example, urine, the litter will clump together, making it so much easier for the pet owner to scoop out and clumps and dispose of them properly.

Clumping litter made of clay has both unscented and scented types. While yes, this product will make litter box cleanup easy and convenient, it is on the dusty side. There are now varieties that are formulated to be lighter, but clay litter is typically heavy, and also non-biodegradable. 

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