Corns on the Paws of Dogs Like the Boxer

If you’ve ever had a corn or callus on the bottom of your foot then you know how painful these can be and how difficult it can make walking. Did you know that dogs, like the Boxer, can develop corns on their paws as well? If you think your Boxer may be developing a corn or callus on his paw, contact your vet. Corns typically appear on the digital, metacarpal or metatarsal paw pads of dogs. Signs of corn development include visible pain to your Boxer when pressure is applied to the paw while walking. You may also notice excessive nail growth on the particular paw due to lack of use. It’s important to make sure your Boxer receives a paw pad examination as part of his overall wellness exam especially if he has had corns or calluses in the past. Consult with your vet clinic Fort Collins, CO for more information about treatment. 


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