Dogs Like the Labradoodle and Chocolate

Chocolate is a dangerous food for most dogs including Labradoodles, which is why it’s so important to make sure you keep all chocolate products out of your canine’s reach. If your Labradoodle does eat chocolate, call your vet right away. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include extreme thirst, diarrhea, unusual amounts of energy, pacing, shaking, or seizures. Do not wait for symptoms to appear as they may take six to twelve hours to develop. Be prepared to tell your vet your dog’s breed, weight, and the amount of chocolate he may have eaten. Small amounts of chocolate may not affect your Labradoodle the way it would a Pomeranian. In less extreme cases, your vet may tell you to make your dog vomit by giving him one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for every twenty pounds he weighs. Always call your vets Bend, OR immediately when chocolate is involved. To know more, click this site.


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